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Uniformed Security

Uniformed or plain clothes security officers patrol your business to protect your employees, clients, and assets by deterring violence, theft and vandalism. Our armed officers also serve as active shooter responders in case of an incident. Below are some of the areas we service.

  • Shopping Centers

  • Retail Stores

  • Parking Garages

  • Access Control

  • Office Buildings

  • Construction Sites

  • Residential Security

  • Hostile Terminations

Courier Services

Our Plain clothes and discrete couriers plan their routes and avoid being detected by people who may want to do your business harm. They deploy counter surveillance techniques to detect anyone that may follow and adhere to strict security protocol to ensure their safety as well as a fast and efficient delivery of your valuables.

special events security

IPS Security officers will ensure the integrity of your event by protecting your guests and staff from people who wish to do harm as well as denying access to uninvited guests. Planning an event can be a very stressful time. Having trained security officers to keep you safe, makes life a lot easier by giving you a peace of mind. We provide security services to weddings, concerts, charity events and more.

loss prevention/asset protection

IPS Security officers can be posted in full uniform to deter potential shoplifters, or be in plain clothes to detect, apprehend, question and assist law enforcement in prosecuting shoplifters. With years of experience in the loss prevention/asset protection field, we can prevent losses to your business by protecting your inventory. We employ a combination of floor surveillance and CCTV surveillance (when applicable) to discretely monitor your stores activity without negatively impacting your customer service values.

fire watch 

Vigilant officers will be posted on your business to frequently patrol and report any fire hazards to the fire department. Our Security Officers are trained in the use of fire extinguishers and can put out small fires. In case of a large fire, IPS security officers will contact the fire department and assist in evacuation the building. We serve retail stores, warehouses, residential buildings etc.


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