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Alarm Response, Security Services, Firewatch


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Alarm respondents are an integral part of any security system, playing a key role in responding to your business when an alarm is triggered. They must be highly trained and responsive to ensure that the response is quick and effective. In addition to their training, alarm respondents must be able to follow protocols and use available equipment appropriately. They must be able to communicate effectively with other responders and with the public. In order to be effective, alarm respondents must be reliable, have a good memory and be able to think on their feet. They must also have the physical and mental capabilities to respond quickly and efficiently in emergency situations. Alarm respondents are an essential component of any security system and are critical to the safety of all involved. Intelligent Protective Service can offer you such services.


Our officers respond to store alarms and ensure there are no threats to your business.


Allow us to respond to your theater and ensure everything is ok.


Protect your business from fires or burglars by having a rapid alarm response. 


Give us a call to discuss how this service can benefit you.

Alarm Response, Security Services, Firewatch
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