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Security Services, Armed Security, Unarmed Security, Executive Protection, Bodyguard, Private Investigator, Surveillance, Alarm Response, Firewatch, Secure Transportation

Security & Investigations
Serving Industries

Security Solutions
for Your Industry

Retail & Corporations

IPS provides Armed and Unarmed security services for retail locations and corporate buildings. We also provide fire watch services, alarm respondents and secure transportation for documents and other valuables. 

Banking & Financial Services

We provide armed security officers for banks and other financial institutions. Robberies can cause great financial losses as well as cause low morale among employees. Our armed officers can act as a deterrent to potential robbers as well as morale boosters to employees.

Hotels & Hospitality

Put your mind at easy by providing your employees and guests with top notch security officers. Our officers can maintain a uniformed presence and assist in all matters of security. They respond to security issues as they arise and mitigate risk.

Legal Practices

We provide investigators to assist legal teams in gathering evidence and prepare their cases for court. Our investigators stay in touch with the clients and maintain constant communication. This ensures transparency between us and our clients.


We provide Armed and Unarmed security services to car dealerships and mechanic shops. Car theft is a major problem in the US and causes millions of dollars in losses to the automotive industry in the US, thus increasing the price of products for the consumer.

Cinemas & Theaters

We provide armed security officers to cinemas and theaters. The primary role of an armed officer in these environments is to maintain order among guests and respond to critical incidents such as active shooters.

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