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Executive protection agents (bodyguards)

Our Executive Protection Agents provide protection to corporate executives, foreign dignitaries, political candidates, media personnel and more. We also provide protection to victims of domestic violence and at-risk witnesses. We create and execute protection plans tailored specifically to our clients needs and protect them from bodily harm by providing close personal protection. Our ability to transition from formal Suit and Tie attire to plain clothes allows us to stand out OR blend in as needed or requested by the client.

high profile residential security

Our Executive Protection Agents patrol residential areas of high-profile clients, denying access to un-invited guests and protect our clients from bodily harm. Our agents also provide mail screening service, ensuring every piece of incoming mail is screened for potential threats before it reaches our clients.

workplace violence prevention/risk mitigation

With an increase in workplace threats and violence, comes an increase for the need of security personnel. Intelligent Protective Service agents provide protection for your most valuable assets, your employees. Whether you need a plain clothes agent or uniformed officer, IPS has you covered.

advance operation/

support for e.p. teams

IPS Agents provide expert knowledge and conduct advance operations for visiting Executive Protection teams. If you are a service provider and need a local agent to lead the way, IPS agents are ready to help.

risk assesments

Our agents conduct risk assessment and provide detailed reports and recommendations to our clients. Our goal is to keep our clients and everyone involved safe.


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