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cheating partner investigations

When in doubt about your partners activities, IPS investigators can find out the truth for you. We can confirm your suspicions or put your mind at ease. Using state of the art technology and techniques, our investigators conduct mobile, static, CCTV and foot surveillance. Investigators will stay in touch with you providing updates in real time. A surveillance report will be completed and sent to you at the end of the surveillance. All cases are kept confidential.

corporate integrity investigations

Employee Theft/Fraud Investigations: Internal Theft/Fraud is one of the main causes of inventory shrinkage in a retail environment. IPS Investigators have extensive experience in Internal Loss Prevention Investigations, reviewing CCTV footage, gathering evidence and interviewing suspects in order to gain admissions and recover losses.

Employee misconduct: Employee misconduct can create a bad image for your business. This can result in loss of clients/customers and revenue. Using different surveillance techniques and “undercover” operations, we can keep any eye on your employees and provide factual and timely feedback on their conduct.

Employee Interviews: Hiring the right employees can make a difference on whether a business will be successful of not. Using behavioral interviewing techniques, we can determine you hire the best candidate to represent your business.

locating & interviewing witnesses

IPS interviewers are trained to interact with witnesses, victims and suspects, to obtain admissions, confessions or extract crucial information for your case.

child custody investigations

During a divorce, separation or custody battle, things can get heated. Our investigators will monitor your child’s visits with the other party to ensure they are treated well. During a child custody investigation, the child’s best interest is our top priority.

workers compensation investigations

False workers compensation claims cost employers and insurance companies money every year. Our investigators work diligently to uncover fraud and put together detailed reports for court proceedings.


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